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Welcome to The Juniors website. Here you will get to know the four friends who make up The Juniors and why they do what they do. You can also download some cool stuff!

What happens when four tween BFFs get together? Anything! Really! Meet the Juniors (aptly named because they have their parents’ names):

Derik — saxophonist, auto-junkie and impulsive-adventurer with adrenaline running through his veins

Christine — leader-extraordinaire, nature-lover, texting-champion and hyper-talker

Marion — the brains of the outfit (her dad works for NASA), computer-addict, animal-lover, laid back ‘goody-goody’ of the bunch

 Dylan — mild-mannered rich kid, yo-yo expert, comedian and master voice impersonator.


Somehow, trouble always seems to find them, and NOT the other way around. They fight crime and solve mysteries, despite themselves. Their talents and character get them through most of it, but it’s usually teamwork that saves the day.

Join the gang in their wild and crazy mishaps in and out of the Tampa Bay area as they make a name for themselves as crime solving wonders - and still try to make it through school!

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